Sunday, November 15, 2009

Alabama's State Flower? - SOLD

Goldenrod and Lemons, 24 x 12
Sold, Shelby Lee Gallery
For years I thought the Goldenrod was Alabama's State Flower. It should be, in my opinion... because one can find Goldenrod everywhere (it seems) in the beautiful fall months. Here's a bit of history for you... it was Alabama's State Flower from 1927 through 1959. However, "the ladies of Butler County were not fond of the goldenrod and considered it undeserving in its role as state flower. It was a wildflower after all, little more than a weed they thought. They thought camellias more appropriate as a state representative and, even though the camellia comes from China, on August 26, 1959, the goldenrod was replaced by the camellia as Alabama's official State flower. Because there are several types of camellia, in June 1999, the Alabama Legislature agreed to specifically name Camellia japonica as the official State flower." So one Sunday a few weeks ago, I asked my husband to try to go find me some Black-eyed Susans (I had seen them all over the place) to paint. He took my younger son, Mason, with him and they came back with some gorgeous Goldenrods. He said he couldn't find any Black-eyed Susans :) They also had some purple berries in the mix... which I included in the painting.