Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My first post :)

Dan, 14 x 11

I've had a few folks suggest to me to get a blog... so I finally decided to get one started. I love reading other artists' stories and seeing their works, so maybe one day I'll have a few people enjoy seeing mine. I'll try to open up a little and tell the story about each of my paintings. I decided to post a painting of our family dog, "Dan," as my first one. Dan is actually my younger son's dog. Mason got him after he broke his arm three years ago. He was in the hospital after surgery, and my husband told him he'd buy him whatever he wanted (we learned our lesson). Mason, then 9, immediately told his dad he wanted a Jack Russell with a white body, black face with brown spots. I took a photo of Dan the other day sitting for Mason. He's a great little dog :)


  1. Love the painting! Congrats on your first blog post!

  2. Hey Gina... Congratulations on the blog. Your work looks really good!! This is a great painting of Dan, love the brushwork and the lighting... Beautiful!!