Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hidden Cove

Hidden Cove, 8 x 8
I saw Elaine Campbell from Gadsden Museum of Art today. She works so hard at the museum, and I appreciate her very much. She smiled when she saw me, and told me that she had just taken the above painting that she had purchased of mine to get it framed for a Christmas present. I painted this painting during the Southeastern Plein Air Festival earlier this year. I like to tell the story about this painting. I first set up next to Greg Little. Greg had just finished his sunrise painting, and his painting was awesome. I was a little intimidated when I saw it and considered going somewhere else to paint something totally different. But he encouraged me... so I stayed. Also, Rick Reinert had been encouraging me all week, so I was glad to see him and his wife Ann walk up and set up next to me... and I was looking forward to smelling Rick's cigars :) And then my teacher, Craig Reynolds came up with his wife Estra who was also painting. They are huge encouragers as well. I knew this was going to be a great day. Craig & Estra's granddaughter, Charlie, came and painted with us, too. While I was painting, I asked Rick what he thought and he said, why don't you add some purple in the sky? So I did, and as soon as I did... folks started walking by and saying, "Oh, I love that purple in the sky!" And every time, I'd glance over at Rick and he'd look at me over his glasses and smile. So this painting brings back very good memories. I'm thankful that Elaine bought it and I hope the recipient will enjoy the painting as well.

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  1. How nice to see this painting again! That was a great day... a nice story too, and Thanks for the mention, Gina. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!