Thursday, December 3, 2009


Spinner, 9 x 12
Spinner is our inside dog... a little 4 lb. tan and white Toy Fox Terrier. People ask me why we named her "Spinner." We didn't. That's the name that was given to her. It's actually short for "Spinning Golden Lace." She was going to be a show dog, but the owners decided she had too much brown on her body. We've had her for about seven years now. She's a great dog. She loves her pillow, which she is curled up on in this painting. All I have to say is, "Pillow," and she goes and gets on it. It's a perfect spot for her... we have it on the back of our sofa where she can see out of our front window. She always lets me know when there's a car coming up our driveway. They say that Toy Fox Terriers are "big dogs in little bodies." This is so true about Spinner. She'll run off dogs the size of bears. :)


  1. I'm enjoying the dogs - and pears - just gorgeous.

  2. Thanks Robin :) I was admiring your frosty horses just last night... hope you're enjoying the Holidays!