Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Well Received :)

Brent, Dan, Stan & Haley with my paintings
Well the Christmas party at my family's in Chattanooga was a wonderful one indeed. I look so forward to going to my Uncle Dan and Aunt Suzie's home each year. I wasn't able to get all five paintings completed for "Dirty Christmas." But the four that I did bring were very well received. I was very nervous about them, but once everyone started opening them and I saw the looks in their eyes and smiles on their faces.... I almost cried. My grandparents' home was simply magical, and I wanted to share that with my family. I was told I'll have to do that every year from now on... which is fine with me. Here's a photo of my family members that received my paintings. Merry Christmas, everyone... and thanks so much for the encouragement you all give to me. I love you all.

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