Sunday, January 31, 2010

Coffee, Sunflowers, and Strawberries

Coffee, Sunflowers, and Strawberries, 20 x 20

Here's another larger painting that I just completed. I tried to set up something warm and colorful to paint... it looks like something in the springtime to me. There's a funny story to this. I bought the strawberries and my daughter LOVES strawberries, so she asked me to fix some for her. I cut her up some and planned on setting up the still life for painting later. I then looked in the refrigerator and saw that a lot more strawberries were MIA. So I asked my daughter and she very sweetly told me she fixed her some more. I then explained to her that I was going to paint some of them and not to eat any more. She didn't know :) Well... I was taking a break from my painting and when I came back, a BITE was missing from one of the strawberries!!! I asked my daughter, "Did you take a bite out of one of my strawberries?" Her eyes got big and she said, "No Mom." So I went to my oldest son who was in his room and he looked guilty, but he always does. So then I went to my younger son in his room and asked him, and he immediately smiled from ear to ear. Guilty. But cute as a button.

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