Monday, January 25, 2010

Coral Tulip

Coral Tulip, 6 x 6
~Sold~ Shelby Lee Gallery
I recently spent the weekend in a wonderful cabin in Rabun County, Georgia. We went with three other families and had a wonderful, relaxing time. One of my friends wanted to go to one of her favorite stores in Highlands, The Summer House. I saw this cute little vase and thought to myself, "I bet it's at least $35." This was based on the fact that everything else I had been noticing in other stores were a lot more expensive than what I thought! So I picked up the vase and the price was $6. I showed it to my friends and they tried to encourage me to buy it, but I resisted and put it down. As we were headed out of the store, I turned and saw another vase just like it and again it caught my eye. I was thinking, "I would like to paint that!" So this time I was persuaded to purchase, and I'm so glad I was... because I LOVE this little vase!


  1. well, you made that vase sing! Beautiful!

  2. Thanks Robin! I see you've been busy making beautiful art!