Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back from Charleston... Officially "Hung"

Me, Shelby Parbel and Lola

Lola and me :)

Rick Reinert and I in front of his awesome painting :)

I'm so inspired by the beautiful city of Charleston... I can't wait to paint my memories :) I met the gallery owner, Shelby and delivered fourteen paintings to her gallery, Shelby Lee Gallery, on Church Street. Shelby, Carmen and I went out to eat both Wednesday and Thursday nights... she introduced me to she crab soup (y.u.m.) and the wonderful "Wreck" restaurant. Shelby had all my paintings hung by Thursday afternoon... it was so exciting to see my paintings in a gallery. I'm going to be painting Lola, Shelby's dog, for her soon. Lola won my heart over very quickly.

I was planning on painting with Rick Reinert and Kevin LePrince on Thursday, but the rain kept that from happening... so we all went to eat lunch instead. Rick introduced me to Hume (what a cool name!) Killian, who is the gallery owner for the Wells Gallery in Charleston.

I truly enjoyed my stay in Charleston... and I'm already planning another visit.