Sunday, March 28, 2010

Molly - Golden Retriever Painting

Molly, 18 x 14
oil on linen stretched canvas
Last winter my Dad came over and told the kids to get dressed up in their warm clothes. His friend, Mr. Gary, had made some snow with his snow machine, and told Dad he could bring the grandkids over to ride on the snow hill in his yard. Where I live, snow is associated with going on dream vacations... so you can imagine my kids' delight when they found out that they were going to get to go play in it... just down the road. Mr. Gary and his wife, Mrs. Linda, invited us back this year to do it again... and I don't know if they know how much we enjoyed it!!! I really wanted to do something for them for being so nice. So my Dad told me about their beautiful golden retriever, Molly... and I decided to paint a painting of her as a gift for their kindness to my children.

Mason and Blaire at the bottom of the hill

Blaire making a snow angel

Mr. Gary even had hot dogs and hot chocolate...
that's him on the far right
and Mr. Farley, Dad, and my uncle David

I even enjoyed the fun :)


  1. I love this painting! Molly is beautiful, isn't she? I remember that snow day and the delicious hot chocolate.

    Great day in the snow -- and great painting for a very special couple :)


  2. Wow - snow a dream vacation - I love it - !!! I had no idea people had personal snow machines! Great portrait of Molly - love the lighting!