Monday, March 22, 2010

Super Selma :)

14 x 11 oil on linen painting of "The Churchview Courtyard Statue"
purchased by home owners, Ted and Debe Henry
Super nice couple, beautiful home...
I hope to have tea with Debe and friend Doris next time I visit :)

6 x 6 oil painting on canvas panel of "The Bridge Tender's House"
purchased by home owners, George and Kathi Needham
Great people...
They offered an invitation to come back that I may not be able to turn down :)

24 x 12 oil on linen painting of "The Bjelke Cottage Door"
purchased by home owners, Greg and Jane Bjelke
Amazing local landscaper and awesome story-teller...

14 x 11 oil painting on linen panel of Civil War Soldier Memorial - AVAILABLE
where I met John Coon, an awesome photographer and native to Selma -
Also commissioned me to paint a painting for him of a nearby cannon in the cemetery

10 x 12 oil painting on linen panel of the Edmund Pettus Bridge - AVAILABLE

6 x 6 painting of "The Bridge Tender's House"

Me painting the Bridge Tender's House, photographed by one of the nice folks that I met.

My new friends I labeled "My Sisters" - Gigi and Cynthia
They brightened my day each time I saw them...
Cynthia commissioned me to paint a painting for her.

The 35th Selma Pilgrimage was a blast. I painted two paintings on Friday and three on Saturday.... the weather was perfect for painting "en plein air." The hosts of the Pilgrimage were so nice. I met so many nice folks while I was there. I'd like to give a special thanks to Karen Weir for being the coordinator of the plein air artists.

I wish I were better at remembering names. There was one man that I met that was a photographer. He told me an interesting story about how he photographed a man's collection of paintings, and how the man had so many paintings that some were on his ceiling. He saw my camera and took some photos of me painting while I was painting "The Bridge Tender's House." What was his name? I wish I could remember. There was also a very sweet lady that was one of the hostesses.... I had told her that this was my first visit to Selma, and that when I had heard of Selma before, I thought of a book I read in elementary school titled "13 Alabama Ghosts" that scared the living daylights out of me. She told me that the author, Kathyn Windham, now 93, was going to be visiting the Selma Shoppe on Saturday. What was her name? I need to do better.

I do remember local artist Paige... she gave me a way to remember her name :) and I wrote down other friends' names.... John, Doris, Ted and Debe, George and Kathi, Greg and Jane, Cynthia and Gigi (my newly adopted sisters), and Judy and her mom.... also my new painting friends... Pam, Fran, Karen, Louella, Gena, Justine, Glenda, and Joan. And also artist friends Donna and Anne were there painting, too. (highlight - Donna doing her little dance) I'm sure I'm forgetting some, and I'm sorry if I do. I love going to new places and making new friends!

I sold three of my paintings at the Wet Paint Sale, and received three more commissions. I brought back the painting of the Civil War Soldier memorial and the Edmund Pettus bridge... so they're available... if interested, please email me.

GREAT, GREAT town you have Selma... you should be proud of the history you are making.


  1. I'm definitely making the trip to Selma the next time Selma Pilgrimage rolls around! Looks fabulous!

  2. Very exciting! Great work.