Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jordan's Angel - SOLD

Jordan's Angel
14 x 11, oil on stretched linen ~Sold~
When I was at the Selma Pilgrimage, painting with the Alabama Plein Air Artists, I met some very special folks while visiting. Two of them were Cindy and Gigi... my "soul sisters" as we call each other... Sometimes when I meet people I feel an instant connection, and I think to myself, "If we lived closer, I bet we'd spend a lot of time together." That's the way I felt about them. So at the wet paint sale, Cindy asked me about my painting of the angel statue, and I told her it had already sold. She was very sweet and was looking at a different painting that I had done of the Edmund Pettus Bridge, but I noticed that she kept going back to the angel painting. So I told her if she would like, I could paint her a similar painting of the angel and ship it to her. So the next week, I got the sweetest email from her, and it made me cry (and I don't cry easily).
Hi Gina,

I can't tell you how much GiGi and I enjoyed meeting you. We love our annual trip to Selma but you made it so much more this year. We loved the idea of the artists painting while the pilgrimage was going on. We both fell in love with your work!! The painting of the garden angel you did was extra special to me. Today, March 24th would be the 17th birthday of my 3rd son if he were still with us. His name is Christopher Jordan (Jordan) and he was born with heart defects. After 2 major operations he succumbed to infection. He was so strong even for all he was put through. Every year we have a cake and I buy either a piece of art or something for the yard such as a tree or statuary in his memory. So that is why your painting is perfect.

Thank you so much for agreeing to paint another one and I really look forward to being able to hang it in my home.

So I painted "Jordan's Angel" and I enjoyed every minute. If you look closely, I painted his name within the painting... beginning with the "J" on the angel's wing, and ending with the "N" on his knee. I feel so blessed to be a part in Jordan's memory. This is what it's all about, it really is.

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