Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lola - a miniature Yorkie - SOLD

Lola - Sold -
10 x 10, oil on Raymar panel
Lola is the gallery dog at Shelby Lee Gallery in Charleston. Folks just fall all over her when they see her.... I've seen it happen (and I'm guilty myself). She is so cute! She'll bark at you, then turn around for you to pick her up. If you ignore her, she'll do it again. And again. She loves to give sugar, too... see my picture with her below. This painting is for my new friend and gallery owner, Shelby. Hope she likes it!


  1. she is soooo cute! what a wonderful painting!

  2. As Lola's mom I'm a bit biased....but I love it!!! She broke her toenail the other day and her face was not so cheery! She was totally blaming me. It's amazing how dogs can change their facial expressions and, Gina, you are so good at capturing it!! Thanks so much...I LOVE it!!