Monday, April 19, 2010

Ruben House - Gorham's Bluff - SOLD

Ruben House, 11 x 14
original oil on stretched linen ~Sold~
One great benefit of painting outdoors is meeting all of these new folks... and making new friends. I love having someone walk up to me while I'm painting and start talking... and to be able to get to know them. On Saturday morning, Karen walked me through her house that I painted. It was so lovely... and, while I was painting... Dr. Ruben that lived across the road from Karen came up to me and introduced himself. He told me he'd like for me to paint his house, too.... so I took some photos and painted this one today. He said he thought a painting of the home would make a lovely gift for his wife for their anniversary. Dr. Ruben is a wonderful person, and I enjoyed visiting with him. He took me all the way around his home, showing me his garden and explaining each plant and tree. I absolutely loved it.

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