Thursday, April 29, 2010

Time for Lemonade, Plein Air

Time for Lemonade
12 x 12, oil on Raymar panel
painted in plein air
I'm looking forward to the 2nd Annual Southeaster Plein Air Festival next week in Gadsden. Plein Air is pronounced "plen air" and it means "in the open air." I decided to paint outside yesterday to "gear up" a little for the event. This is one of the two paintings that I completed. It's at my friends' house, Leigh and Lee. They have a wonderful porch that wraps around the side of their home, where there's a fire pit and a hammock... rocking chairs... this oversized red umbrella over a table... it's really a wonderful setting. My family has roasted marshmallows and made smores with them on several occasions in this spot. Anyway, I told my friend last weekend that I wanted to paint her red umbrella, so I went yesterday. She always has lemonade for us to drink and I always force her to make some of her stove top popped corn... so in this painting, that's her lemonade pitcher and two glasses... one for me and one for her :)

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