Monday, April 26, 2010

The Whippets - SOLD

The Whippets
20 x 20, oil on stretched linen ~Sold~
Still day dreaming about Gorham's Bluff. If you've never visited the community, you should seriously consider it :) It's like a quiet neighborhood that you read about in novels... or see in movies... and think, "Are there REALLY places like that?" I could actually hear bees buzzing from a long way away from where I painted... it was soooo quiet. And the folks there... they're all so happy! Just before I left, I met Jarman and David, owners of four beautiful Whippets. Mr. Jarman mentioned the "Whippets" to me, and I told him, "Oh, I'd love to see them!" So he didn't even hesitate... we took a little stroll down the road and into his home where I was greeted by these lovely dogs, Isabella, Marissa, Beauchamp, and Piers. I knew immediately that I wanted to paint them. Another "Favor of God" moment... the four dogs lined up perfectly for me on the front porch for me to take their picture.


  1. What perfect painting subjects - I'd like to meet the man that trained FOUR dogs! I'm so impressed and I love this painting - great colors!