Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

6 x 6, oil on panel - private collection
As a tribute to my grandmother, Grethel Bowers, I painted this small painting of her to post on Mother's Day. Even though she left this earth in November of 1995, she continues to influence my life and the lives of those that love her. Granny would've loved to have seen me painting like I am today. She always encouraged my art when I was young. I see a lot of Granny in her daughter-in-law... my mother.... in her selflessness that she shows on a daily basis. This past week painting would not have been possible without my mother, Jolaine Bowers. She continues to support and encourage me in this little painting adventure of mine. I love you Granny and I miss you. I love you Mama. You're the best Mama in the whole wide world, and I love you as big as the sky. God is good.


  1. Gina,
    I was so pleased to go to your site and see Mother's picture there. You did a GREAT job! Thanks for honoring her this way.
    I love you,
    Uncle Dan

  2. My pleasure, Uncle Dan. I love you too.