Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back from Charleston

Another View of St. Philips
20 x 10, oil on stretched linen
$425, Available at Shelby Lee Gallery, Charleston

Here I am, painting the St. Philips church from across the road from the gallery.

This is Shelby Lee Gallery, located at 175 Church Street...
just next to the Church Street Inn

I'm back from beautiful Charleston.... but thankful to return to beautiful Glencoe, Alabama. I had a wonderful welcome home when I returned.... pink crepe paper streamers, a beautiful sign, a Diet Pepsi, and some chips and cheese dip from my favorite Mexican restaurant. I'm so thankful for my family. It was nice to be missed, because I surely missed them.

The weather was beautiful this time while I was in Charleston. Shelby Parbel, the gallery owner, took me around again and showed me more of the city, and I got some great photos to paint. I got to see some of my artist friends, Rick Reinert and Kevin LePrince, at Spoleto and I also got to meet Joan Perry of the blog "Charleston's Daily Photo" that has been allowing me to use her wonderful photos as references for some of my Charleston paintings. If you've never visited Charleston during the Spoleto Arts Festival, you're missing a huge treat. It's amazing. I had the opportunity to meet some great artists in person and see some of their work as well.

Here's a painting that I completed while I was there, it's another view of St Philips. I was standing just across the road from the gallery.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip, Gina and this is a great painting! I love the composition and the long tall format. Wonderful!

  2. Great work...got your link from Charleston Daily Photo. We lived in Charleston for a time and as a child would often visited my Aunt in Hokes Bluff and would go swim at _____Lake in Glencoe.

  3. Thanks Anonymous... I actually live right in between Hokes Bluff and Glencoe. Did you swim in Cove Creek?

  4. My sister remembers the place as Chunn's Lake or Shaun's Lake. It is still there, but overgrown. My aunt lived on McClain Street or Road. We also swam in a creek near her house, but don't know if it is Cove Creek.

  5. I grew up on Cove Creek... Chunn's Lake is about 3 miles from my home. It is all grown up now, as you said. I've heard it was a great place to swim but I never was able to swim there. McClain is very close to my home.... only about a mile away, and I travel that road frequently :) Thanks again for the compliments :)