Sunday, June 13, 2010

Down Lately - Sold

Sunshine on the Ground
6 x 6, oil on Raymar panel
I was told it would happen, but I didn't believe. I was told that some artists go through a down time... a time when it's hard to paint. I've been going through that. I'll sit down to paint and then it just seems to hurt to try to paint. I've been questioning whether or not what I'm doing is silly, selfish, and in vain. I've put so much time into my art and had so much encouragement from family and friends, and I have so been enjoying painting. But the last couple of weeks have truly hurt. I guess when you put so much of yourself into something, sometimes it doesn't always give back. Anyway, I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer... I just thought I'd try to explain why I haven't been posting so much lately. I painted this small painting a few days ago to try to cheer me up... because I love daisies. Daisies are such happy flowers. I heard once that daisies are like sunshine on the ground.


  1. Everyone who works had at any job knows that he will have the wkend or even a weeks vacation now and then to look forward to. Consider yourself on vacation from your work, for painting is fun with work mixed in. Let go of the guilt! Do some things that fill you up, some different things. Ponder new goals for your painting, or new subject matter. Look at other artists work, or famous works, and get refreshed, and then go back to loving it!

  2. Thanks so much Pam and to everyone else that's sent me a sweet note of encouragement. I'll be fine... :)

  3. Hey Gina,
    I was going through that sort of off and on a few weeks back...finish up a painting and then was almost impossible to start another one. Even mowing the lawn seemed a better option. It happens to us all. It has to be fresh and exciting or else it becomes a job.
    The daisies look great....I always like your choices for sky colors...very nice kiddo!

  4. Just keep telling yourself, turn that frown upside down! I hate that feeling too, but just keep painting - these daisies are great, you can paint only what you feel like if you want, to cheer yourself up! It's not selfish or silly. . . but it's normal to ask yourself that, I think.

    I really like the sense of space you've created with this daisy painting, I feel like I'm standing the middle of them -

    Take a long walk. . .

  5. Thanks so much, Ron and Lisa... I'll be fine... already feeling better today!

  6. Well, I don't know about you, but these are some of the prettiest daisies I've ever seen -- and I'm feeling better just looking at them!!

    Hugs -- and keep painting those terrific pieces!

  7. Just saw your art through the great Charleston blog Joan has (daily walk). Your art is gorgeous. Adding such beauty to the world could never be a waste of time - and what happy daisies those are!

  8. Thanks so much Susan :) I'm feeling much better thanks to so many kind words like yours... glad you found me through Joan's wonderful blog.