Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cove Creek Peninsula

Cove Creek Peninsula
6 x 6, oil on Raymar panel~sold

Happy 4th of July! How things change. I painted on my parents' pier today.... my children were all riding on the seadoo and my parents and husband were visiting on the pier. The weather was nice today... about 86 degrees with a breeze and not so humid. This scene was quite different when I was growing up... solid trees on this little peninsula. I remember one time when I was about ten years old, the lake froze over and the water level was up, then the water went down, but a layer of ice remained suspended about a foot above the ground, held up by all of the trees. My sister and I ran through the woods on this 1 inch layer of ice and would fall through to the mud. It was soooo much fun. Now only five little trees remain, and houses are built where the woods once stood. But it's all good. I love my family and my hometown of Glencoe, Alabama. God Bless America :)

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