Monday, July 19, 2010


10 x 10
My friend Tracie took me to one of her favorite stores while I was in Nashville... and I left with 3 new pitchers and one little thing-a-ma-jig. I told her that they were investments. Yeah, that's right. I told myself "investment, investment, investment" all the way to the check out counter. Anyway, one of the pitchers and the thing-a-ma-jig are in this painting. I've been taking inventory on my tubes of paint and I realized something recently. I don't use much red in my paintings. I use a lot of white and ultramarine blue, a good bit of cadmium yellow... but very little red. So I decided that I would purposefully put a lot of red in this painting. What exactly is that little thing-a-ma-jig? Maybe it's a cream pitcher, but it's awfully small. Oh, yeah, and I decided at the last minute of blocking in my colors that I needed a little something more, so I asked my husband to hold one of my other paintings back behind the still life. I'm not going to brag on him, though.... he had a very bad attitude about helping me and kept holding the frame crooked. It was pretty amusing though looking up at him while I was painting. Okay, I may brag on him just a little. The painting in the corner is my 6 x 6 painting of Black-Eyed Susans and Pears.

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