Saturday, August 21, 2010

Keepin' Cool - SOLD

Keepin' Cool
6 x 6, oil on panel
I took my kids to a water park a couple of weeks ago just before school started back. It was soooo hot, I nearly passed out from the heat, seriously. There was no relief in the water because the water was hot, too. I was fine one minute, then the next I was thinking, "They're going to have to get the ambulance to come and get me and take me to the hospital." My sweet little daughter sat down next to me and tried to keep me cool by putting water on my back.... while my friend ran to go get a cold water and an Italian Ice for me. Looking back, I'm sure I looked pretty hilarious sitting in the kiddie pool with my mouth gaped open. My daughter said, "Oh, Mama... I wish I were sick instead of you!" Wasn't that precious? I told her, "Oh, Baby, I'm so glad it's ME and not YOU!!!" I eventually got okay, but I later found out from one of the workers there that they had already had to call the ambulance FOUR TIMES to the park that day because of heat sicknesses. Anyway, I painted this Great Egret that doesn't seem to be effected by the heat at all. They are in abundance in the summer time around my parents' river home. I honestly don't know how they support themselves on those skinny little legs.

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