Monday, August 30, 2010

Precious Memories - SOLD

Precious Memories
oil on stretched linen
18 x 14, commissioned (sold)
An old photo that the daughter gave to me
A more recent photo from the daughter, with the azaleas in bloom
This is a picture of my painting on-site last week
Earlier this year, I met a couple that wanted me to paint their mother's home. They didn't know if I would be able to paint it because the house is empty now, and they wanted the house painted the way they remembered it... I went by and looked at the house and immediately wanted to paint it. The daughter gave me a couple of photos of the way the home looked in years past. I went last week and painted on-site, then took the painting home and used the photos to finish. I truly enjoy painting homes. This painting brought me a lot of joy. I emailed a picture of the painting to the daughter this morning, and she called me back and told me that it was perfect. I told her what I planned on naming the painting and she said she loved it. That made my day! I enjoy doing what I love and making others happy in the process.


  1. It is really wonderful when you can make a client happy with your painting...wonderful painting Tina!