Sunday, January 30, 2011

Standing Alone ~ SOLD

"Standing Alone"
18 x 6, oil
My daughter is starting to develop the "create" bug. She wants to "make stuff" all the time. I remember being that way. My Dad had an old book of things you could make around the house... I remember making a "shoe box movie" and "phones with cups." I remember taking old greeting cards of my Granny's and cutting them apart and making collages. I made hook rugs, crochet doilies, embroidery... I painted on wood all kinds of ducks and geese and my mother would sell them at the sewing factory where she worked. Some wanted "Country Peach" bows, some wanted "Country Blue" bows. I've always loved to create. Now my daughter is that way, and I love it. Here she is priming a small canvas for me. She's asked me if she can start helping me. And by the way, my mother named this painting for me.


  1. I can see why this sold, it's wonderful. Love the vertical composition - perfect title. And it looks like your daughter is going to follow in your footsteps. What's the saying "acorn doesn't fall far from the tree!"