Thursday, February 17, 2011

He Provides

He Provides
20 x 24, oil on linen
He's very humble about what he does everyday. Folks ask him about his work. He replies, "I drill holes." I smile when he says this. I know he does so much more. I walk down the road from our home to see him at work, in the once barn - now machine shop. I go with my little ones. They see their father, working with his father. These men both work so hard, providing for their families. I walk in between the two old Chevrolet trucks to where he's working inside. He's standing there, with safety glasses on, old grease stained clothes, and the steel toed shoes he asked for at Christmas. He turns off the machine and he smiles at me. I love this man. He lets the little ones climb on the fork lift. His father tells them to get a coke out of the refrigerator. What does he do? He drills holes. And he loves. And he provides.


  1. Just beautiful painting- really wonderful composition and subject matter. Welcomes you in to take a look and have a visit. Then reading the story below makes you realize how special this painting is and the emotion and love it was painted with. Lovely:)