Monday, February 21, 2011

A Little Rusty

A Little Rusty
8 x 10, oil, plein air
I painted this truck in "plein air" which is just a French term that means "outside in the open air." I've been invited to the upcoming Southeastern Plein Air Invitational at the end of April this year... and I haven't been painting outdoors in a while because of how cold it's been. I see pictures of some folks dressed in snow ski gear with fingerless gloves braving the harsh temperatures to paint outdoors... I'm not there yet. If I get cold, I'm useless. But last week was BEAUTIFUL in Alabama, so I painted outdoors. This old truck sits outside the machine shop where my husband and father-in-law work. There are all kinds of neat things there that I plan to paint. My father-in-law walked up while I was painting and laughed, "I'm getting ready to get rid of that old thing." So I named this painting "A Little Rusty" for two reasons: 1) The truck is old and rusty, and 2) My plein air skills are a little rusty. I posted the process pics below.
toned canvas a bright yellow
roughly painted lines for placement - no details
Thinly blocked in shapes
More details
Started applying thicker paint


  1. This truck really has personality! I can't remember that I've ever painted a truck--probably because I think they are hard to paint. So you've inspired me to be open to the idea of it!

  2. The truck may be rusty but you certainly are not! Thanks also for posting the progress photos.

  3. Love this truck and you painted it with wonderful color and values shifts in the yellow that are right on. Really enjoyed seeing your process. Thanks for sharing that. What kind of easel is that? I need to get a new plein air set up and am looking at different ones.


  4. Thanks Kathryn, I can't wait to see your trucks :)

    Thanks Susan, truly... I am rusty on plein air painting... but I'm getting back in the swing!

    Kathy, thanks so much... it's a julian half box easel and an easel pal ordered from Robert Kuester, I ordered the smaller of the two, then got a 12 x 16 piece of glass cut from the local Hobby Lobby store. I placed a "Gray Matter" paper pallette sheet underneath the glass. I love the easelpal and use it at home, too. I'm actually looking for a lighter set-up for plein air painting, though.