Saturday, April 23, 2011

Southeastern Plein Air Invitational

Tomorrow evening I will be meeting all the other artists invited to the Southeastern Plein Air Invitational in Gadsden, Alabama. Artists participating are Jill Berry, Beverly Ford Evans, Donna Chieves, Dot Courson, Millie Gosch, John Guernsey, Becky Joy, Greg Little, Ralph Parker, Jan Polk, Dmitry Proshkin, Craig Reynolds, Robin Roberts and Katrina Weber. We'll be painting in different locations in the Gadsden area Monday through Friday, with a silent auction on Friday evening.

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  1. Gina,
    I was hoping to get over to meet and watch and learn and just can't get there for this one. I will be thinking of y'all!! have fun and look forward to seeing lots of beautiful art.