Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Duck in My Cup

6 x 6, oil
I decided it'd be fun to ask my facebook and blogging friends to help me name this painting. I come up with a couple, but the subject is so different... I'd like to hear your ideas. Thanks in advance for your help. I found this little rubber duckie in my bathroom and thought he was so cute that I'd try painting him. I decided to sit him floating inside one of my favorite tea cups.


  1. Gina, sorry I missed you in Charleston. I name this painting: "Tea and Quackers".

  2. Hi Jerry... did you come by the gallery? I'm so sorry if you did... I thought we were closing up at 8:00 and asked my parents to pick me up then... and she said some folks came by afterwards to see me. Thanks for the comments :) I love the Tea and Quackers idea... but I had already named it on my facebook page.