Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Father

12 x 12, oil

He's always said to me, "You're my favorite 5 year old!" or "You're my favorite 19 year old!" (However old I am, I'm his favorite of that age).

Now he tells my daughter, his only granddaughter, "You're my favorite granddaughter!"

And there's a major highway that I pull out onto from his neighborhood, where I grew up... nearly every time I'd leave our house he'd say, "Be careful pulling out onto the highway."  It got to be a joke with us and I'd ask, "Which road is that, Dad?"

He used to tuck my sister and me in at night into our twin beds, and every night he'd say prayers with us and then ask us Bible questions.  He'd give me the easier ones, since I was the littlest.  He'd make it fun turning back and forth in between my sister and me pointing to us.  "Who built the ark?"  "Who was the father of many nations?"  "Who had the coat of many colors?"

He's serious, he's hilarious, he's generous and he's kind.  He loves Christmas and river days.  He loves going to flea markets and trade days.  He always treated my mom like a queen, and my sister and me like princesses.

I love this man.  Thanks for being my Daddy.  I love you, big as the sky.