Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Appalachian Lullaby (Craig Dobbins)

Appalachian Lullaby (Craig Dobbins)
18 x 6, oil

When my 17 year old son, Austin, was only ten years old... I took him to my husband's guitar teacher, Craig Dobbins.  Craig didn't know if Austin would be old enough for lessons, so he took him in for one lesson to try him out.  Upon returning home, Austin made it to the living room with his guitar case, opening it immediately to start practicing.  He was hooked from the beginning.  The next Wednesday, Craig came walking out the car after Austin's second practice with his hands in his pockets.  I didn't know if he "passed" or not... but Craig smiled and said, "I can teach him."

Craig is a super talented guitarist and was a wonderful teacher.  He also introduced us to the yearly Chet Atkins convention in Nashville that we attend every year as a family.

I named this painting after one of Craig's songs that he wrote, Appalachian Lullaby.  You can listen to part of his song here.

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