Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Gift from Susan, A Gift for Susan

She opened the package slowly, her eyes filled with delight and excitement.  "Oh, look Mama, at the beautiful ribbon!"  "Yes, Blaire, she even made the wrapping special."

She took her time to open it, because she was enjoying the expectation of what was to come.  Slowly unknotting each tie of each pink ribbon.  And then she found the layers of pink tissue paper...  and revealed the treasure inside.

"Oh!" she exclaimed.

"Oh, Mama!  I love it!"

Now isn't that why we all paint?  Deep down inside, don't we all remember when we were a child, and we would create something... give it to Mama, or Daddy, or a grandparent, or even a school teacher... and hope for that show of enthusiasm and appreciation?

Ask me why I paint.

I paint because I love to see the joy that I saw when my daughter opened her present from my artist friend Susan Smolensky.  Susan knows that my daughter loves horses and wanted to give her one of her horse paintings, for nothing in return.

My daughter wanted to do something for Susan though... because Susan touched my daughter's heart with her gift... and Blaire wanted to show her appreciation.  So she painted a horse painting for Susan...

She took her time with it and kept asking, "Do you think she'll like it, Mama?"

"Oh yes, Blaire, she's going to love it."


  1. sigh, sniff, gasp....I love stories like this Gina, and my daughter is just like your Blaire....I'm so ashamed I haven't painted my daughters horse for her, but I'm afraid I won't do him justice. I have a feeling it won't matter to her :) Big hugs to Susan for sharing her gift with a child, knowing how much pleasure it would bring! Those are the artists I want to support forever and ever.

  2. Great post Gina. Puts me in the painting "Spirit"!

  3. I'm here because I saw you mentioned by Kristen on Facebook. First post - I just looked at the image and said to myself "Huh... that looks like Susan Smolensky...." and it was! With a wonderful story behind it! Now... I'll GET to your work, Gina, but I did enjoy that story.....

  4. And I got here because Kelley Carey MacDonald gave you a shout out on fb. I love this post...such a great story.

  5. Thanks so much, Kristen... you should definitely paint your daughter's horse!!! Looking forward to seeing it :)

    Jill... I like that "Painting Spirit"

    Kelley, Thanks so much for visiting the blog... I think I emailed you back.

    Thanks again, Maria :)

  6. Love this post Gina! What a lovely present to give and your daughters painting is absolutely charming!! Painting is indeed a joy!!

  7. Thank you Azra, Blaire is so proud of starting her own art collection!

  8. Gina, I always enjoy your blog and artwork and this was just the best post! Love Susan's work and am a fan of hers also- Best of both worlds together. What a sweet and thoughtful gesture- will be remembered and treasured forever. That is what this art world is all about. Thanks for sharing!

  9. This one is for Blair- What a wonderful painting you did of the horse for your art friend Susan! Love the colors you chose and that butterfly on the horse's nose is just pure fun and magic. Beautiful painting and I know Susan will treasure it as you will the one she did for you. Sweet:)

  10. Hi, Gina - it is beyond my ability to explain to you how I felt first upon receiving Blaire's thank you painting and secondly to read your post. Giving that little painting to Blaire gave me more pleasure than I deserve and receiving hers in return was one of the most delighful surprises of my life. Please do tell Blaire that I love her painting and will treasure it forever and ever.

  11. Kathy, you always say the sweetest things :)

    Thank you all for the sweet comments... I was so touched by what Susan did for my daughter. She definitely shares the "Painting Spirit"

    Thank you Susan!!! Just look at all the artists hearts you've touched :)