Friday, December 16, 2011

New Painting Demo - "Sweet Christmas"

"Sweet Christmas"
6 x 6, oil

I have to be careful what I tell my Dad that I'm looking for... I told him I had not seen any of those "melt in your mouth" peppermint sticks and the next thing I know... he's walking in the back door with a box of them.  My younger son wanted to make another video of me painting so here's the demo below...  hope you all are enjoying the Christmas season.

Also, check out the wonderful music being performed in the video by my friend Craig Dobbins.  He's awesome!!!  If you're looking for some wonderful acoustic guitar music to listen to... he's the go-to guy.  He's also an awesome teacher (he taught my husband and older son to play) and he puts out a quarterly "Acoustic Guitar Workshop" that my husband has subscribed to several times.


  1. I enjoyed your video and Craig's music is really nice. I like guitar music. Your candy painting is very festive. Great job on everything!

  2. Great guitar and great painting Gina!! Those candies look good enough to eat. : )

  3. That was fun! Wish I could paint that fast!
    Glass looks great!