Monday, January 16, 2012

Cottage Roses

"Cottage Roses"
20 x 20, oil on linen
~ sold ~

This painting makes me think of shabby chic and french country.  I attempted to make the fabric behind the roses look like aged wallpaper.  I did this by applying several layers of thin paint.  The vase and roses are thick paint, some parts done with a palette knife.

Thanks Angie, for sending me this picture of the painting hung in your home!


  1. I love shabby chic and I can picture these lovely roses very easily in a such environment. Beautiful work!

  2. Lovely depth in this gorgeous painting,the background compliments the pink roses and the pitcher is a nicely shaded to give it form.The roses stand out beautifully!

  3. Beautiful! Looks like you accomplished your goal, Gina. Great painting.