Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rain, Rain

"Rain, Rain"
10 x 8, oil on linen

Since it's been raining in Alabama since last night, I thought this was an appropriate post for today.   I've been wanting to try to paint some folks walking in the rain for some time now.  I actually started this painting just before I got sick with whatever virus I had... then finished it up afterwards.  I painted it from a picture I took of several folks walking with umbrellas... then chose a few of them to include in the composition, and changed a couple of their dark coats to red and tan.  I'm not really sure what you folks will think about this painting, since it seems so different from my other work.  But I personally like it.  Since I went back into it after it had dried some, the texture is really thick.  A personal note about rainy days... I love them.  Last night my husband and I were leaving my son's basketball game, and it was raining pretty hard and our car was parked a looooong distance away.  He looked at me, I looked at him... and we took off running.  I got drenched but I laughed the whole way.


  1. Wonderful, can almost feel the cool rain splashing around!

  2. Of all the paintings you've done so far this is my Favourite!!! i love it and i love rain too.It makes my day when it rains. : )

  3. This is great Gina!!