Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Old Live Oak Cemetery" - Selma, Alabama

"Old Live Oak Cemetery"  Selma, Alabama
11 x 14, oil on linen

I painted at this site a couple of years ago at the 2010 Selma Pilgrimage and met Mr. John Coon while I was there.  This location in the Old Live Oak Cemetery is known as "Confederate Circle" and includes monuments, a Confederate flag and a cannon.  Mr. Coon seemed thrilled that I was painting the Confederate Soldier, but was interested in me painting the cannon that sits close by as well.  On my last trip, an artist friend and I stopped by the cemetery and I took some pictures of the cannon with the soldier and flag in the background.

From what I've read, I think the cannon faces north to forever protect the Confederate soldiers graves to the south.

I thoroughly enjoyed painting this painting.  I sent a picture of the painting to Mr. Coon and he sent me a photo in return, showing a picture of him from 1947 sitting in one of the flower pots that I included in the painting.

Click here for more information about the Old Live Oak Cemetery, from Janet Gresham of Selma.
I regularly look at Janet's blog... it's wonderful information about Selma.

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  1. Hi Gina,
    This is such a cool story that goes along with this painting. That is so neat Mr Coon sent you the photo of him in the pot. Stuff like that, the personal side of art, is the very best part of it all. You did a great painting too Gina!