Monday, March 19, 2012

Selma Pilgrimage - Day 1 - Afternoon

 "Holly House / Skinner House"
8 x 16, oil

I painted this house in the afternoon of Day 1 of the Selma Pilgrimage.  I loved this tudor home built in 1928.  The three sisters that grew up in the home actually showed me and some artists friends around the home and told us about their favorite memories of growing up there.

To read more about this home, click here.

This was a very challenging painting with all of the angles in the home.  Plus, I had some very aggressive bumble bees after me.  Thankfully, this nice gentleman that was working at the entrance was intrigued at the fact that I kept running away from my easel so kindly came to my rescue.  I have never seen anyone catch a bumblebee with their bare hand.  He told me you can catch the white headed ones because they don't sting.  Who knew??  Also, I saw the same lady back over my friend's easel and then when she was leaving back into a Cadillac.  Ahhh, the challenges and distractions of painting in plein air.

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  1. Gina your paintings of these houses are just beautiful.