Monday, May 21, 2012

"Best Friends" Hoover Belles - Aldridge Gardens Quick Draw

"Best Friends"
Hoover Belles
Aldridge Gardens Plein Air - Quick Draw Painting

Sunday afternoon was the "Quick Draw" event at Aldridge Gardens.  The Hoover Belles came and volunteered to be painted throughout the gardens.  I was trying to hurry to get set up and found these two "Belles" walking towards me and I asked them if I could have a volunteer.  They both smiled and said "Sure."  So I decided to paint both of them :)  I told them it would take me a few minutes to get set up and they just sat and carried on a sweet conversation.  I found out their names were Jamie and Sarah, and they are best friends.  As soon as I discovered that, I told them that "Best Friends" seemed like a very appropriate title.  I had two hours to complete this painting.

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  1. their gestures and that froth of pink - love it!