Monday, May 7, 2012


6 x 8, oil on linen

I should probably title this painting "10 minutes."  My Dad was sitting on his back porch the other day while I was painting and I picked up another panel and told him I wanted to try to paint him.  He started giving me reasons I shouldn't... he was about to go do such and such... but then I asked him when he needed to go and he said, "10 minutes."  That's about as long as he could sit still anyway.  During the brief time I was painting him, he changed his legs and I told him to put them back.  He's a good Daddy :)  He was tickled with the outcome though... and immediately put the painting on his facebook as his profile picture.

And.... for those of you that are wondering how our little "Bailey" is doing... she is spoiled ROTTEN!!!!  I can't believe how much I love that little goat.  Here's her most recent photograph....

She still drinks a big 'ol bottle every day and she follows my daughter everywhere!  She is so precious!

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  1. Love this painting of your Dad,he sounds like such a supportive guy too!
    Bailey is cute!!