Saturday, July 7, 2012

One More Day

"One More Day"
6.25 x 6.25
So much said in a title.

"One More Day" - One more day left at the beach... or maybe
"One More Day" - One more day until we go to the beach...  but more than either of these...
"One More Day" - I wish I could have one more day to spend with my boys when they were this age.  I remember walking into church one Sunday morning, and Fred Duke greeted us at the door (as he always did).  "Well I tell you what Gina... enjoy these days with these little boys...  when my girls were little, those were the best days of my life."  That really stuck with me and I did enjoy my little ones, as much as humanly possible.  I guess that's why time has flown since they were this age.

Special thanks to Teresa, who is one of the sweetest people I know... for sending me this picture a few months ago because she thought it would make a good painting.


  1. Beautiful painting. I just finished one of my grandboys on the beach. Know you enjoyed painting this.

  2. This is great. Love the looseness and wonderful colors.