Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Bluebird Cafe #2" Nashville, TN

"Bluebird Cafe, #2"
10 x 10, oil on linen

I was contacted by someone that saw my first painting and was commissioned to paint this second one... which I believe I like more than my first.  The first one hangs in my husband's music room and he refuses to part with it.  We absolutely love, love, love the Bluebird Cafe.  If you're ever visiting Nashville and you love music in a small setting, I highly recommend going, but make reservations.  You get to hear the songwriters sing their songs and also share their story behind the song.  One of the funniest shows we attended we got to hear Tony Mullins sing his Rascal Flatt's hit song "Me and My Gang."  Tony was half-way though singing the song to us and got to the line "Dude named Elrod jammin' on an iPod" when he stopped and said, "Let me tell you a story about that line."  Everyone was rolling with laughter.  He said the original version was, "Dude named King Kong eatin' on a Ding Dong" but when Rascal Flatts was recording the song, they called and told him they wanted to change that line.  They gave him one hour.  He couldn't get in touch with Jeffrey Steele, one of the co-writers, so when Gary Levox called back, Tony was sitting in Hooters eating wings and all he could think of was "Dude named Elrod jammin' on an iPod."  Gary told him that was it and hung up.  And then he said he finished his wings.

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