Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Me and My Red Umbrella

"Me and My Red Umbrella"
7 x 5, oil on linen panel

This turned into something other than what I had originally planned.  I first had the day a lot grayer and the girl was a woman with high heels on, and a darker yellow dress.  But then I put a bow in her hair and I thought she looked like a young girl instead of a woman, and I liked it... sooooo... I then took away the heels and shortened her dress, brightened the yellow, shortened her legs, made her barefoot, and added pretty sunny green grass.  Gotta love oil paint.  Happy, happy painting :)

AND....  Here are the pictures of my nephew's wedding that was at my house a few weeks ago... I think they're absolutely beautiful.  Click here to see them.


  1. Beautiful wedding photos...great color coordination. Too bad the wedding party was so SMALL!! :>)

  2. LOL, so true about the wedding party!

  3. It surely looks like one of my day dreams. Its perfect. You are truly talented. Keep it up.
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