Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Red Barn

"The Red Barn"
11 x 14, oil on linen
~ sold, commission

This is a commission that I painted for a high school friend of mine, Donna.  She wanted to give this to her precious parents as a gift.  When I asked Donna if she had a preference for a title... she said, "Well, they call it the red barn."  Donna is a long time friend and now teaches at the school we attended.  Her favorite saying when we were in high school was, "Believe it!"  She would always say it at the end of a crazy story.  I remember we'd all just sit there amazed at what would come out of her mouth, and she'd say, "Believe it!"  She was hilarious!  I remember riding with her in her Camaro, which was one of the nicest cars at our school, and she would try her best to go air born over railroad tracks.  She also would be speeding down the road and slam on her breaks while hollering "SEAT BELT CHECK!!!"  (Sorry, Donna.. had to share!!!)  I absolutely loved going to her home.  She would call her parents by their first names.. which was totally unusual for our little "Ma and Pa" group of friends.  We decorated our homecoming float at her house, and I must've gotten a little happy with the spray paint, because several years later when I ran into her parents, they told me they thought of me every time they parked their car in the garage.  Apparently, "Gina" was painted on something.  I honestly do NOT remember doing that :)  Truly though, her parents are wonderful folks, and I was thrilled when she asked me to paint this painting for them.  It's a painting of their new barn they just built, and they spend a lot of time here.

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