Monday, September 3, 2012

Magnolia Gardens Bridge - Charleston, SC Painting

"Magnolia Gardens Bridge"
A Charleston Memory Painting
Available at Shelby Lee Gallery / Studio 151 Fine Art, Charleston, SC

Another Charleston painting, this one of one of the many beautiful painted bridges at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.  Thanks again to Joan Perry, author of Charleston's Daily Photo, for allowing me to use her awesome pics for painting references.


  1. Small world! I visit Joan's blog regularly; my husband and I met her last March when we were there. I am impressed that you used one of her photos but learned about it yesterday when I visited her FB page. When I'm in Charleston next Feb and March, I'll try to take enough photos hoping that one will inspire you as well. Great job on Joan's photo!

  2. Thanks Kate.... let me know when you post the photos!