Friday, November 16, 2012

Our Snowman (by Blaire and Gina Brown)

"Our Snowman"
painted by my daughter and me
~ priceless ~

I was about to start a painting.  Getting my mind set.  Studying the image on my computer screen. Blobs of paint already on my palette, brush in hand.  She walks up behind me.  "You gonna paint that, Mama?"

"Yes," I reply... not looking away from the screen.  It had been somewhat of a full day... my Dad still not feeling well, things a little out of order.  Things on my to-do list still not checked off, moved to the next day.  I had gotten supper cooked and the kitchen so-so, and had decided it was finally time to paint.

She lingers there for a minute, dances around my studio... keeping me company.  I look up at her.  She smiles.  "I have an idea!" she says.

"What?'  I ask, somewhat reluctantly because usually her ideas involve an effort on my part.

"Why don't I sit in your lap, and we paint a painting together?"  her eyes dancing like it's the most brilliant idea of the year.

Take a deep breath.  These are the moments.

"That does sound like a great idea."  I reply.  "What would you like to paint?"

"How about... a snowman?"