Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Mimi and Me"

7 x 7, oil on linen
~ a Christmas gift for my Mama

She loves the beach.  I know, I know... a lot of folks love the beach.  But this lady, she LOVES it.  She wakes up early and makes her coffee, two Splendas and a little half and half, and goes out onto the balcony to sip and absorb the awesomeness of the ocean.  She says it makes her feel so small, and reminds her that God is so big.  And she enjoys sitting down on the sand and watching her grandchildren play in the water.

And she hates to say good-bye...
So when it came to the time for me to try to decide what I should paint for my Mama, I found some pictures of my daughter with her, taken just before she and my Dad headed home one year.  

Here's my beautiful mother, just after she opened her gift.  


  1. Gina, The painting is fabulous and such a beautiful gift I know she will treasure forever!

  2. Gina thanks for sharing the stories that inspire your work. I love reading them and they help me appreciate your work even more. Paired together it makes for a heart warming experience:) Amber M

  3. Your Mama is glowing with inner and outer beauty, Gina, and your love for her is evident. Your painting is an expression of all of that and more.

  4. A terrific gift for an obviously terrific mother and grandmother. Wonderful tribute to her, too.