Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Happy Spring Chickadee"

"Happy Spring Chickadee"
8 x 8, oil on board

I took my younger son shopping yesterday and on the way back home we passed a beautiful pink blooming tree.  I went back by the home and pulled in the driveway and my son took some pics for me with his phone.  I wish I knew all the names of the trees, but I didn't know what kind of tree this one was... I think I've figured out that it's a pink magnolia tree.  So I was set up yesterday afternoon painting something totally different, and this sweet little chickadee perched itself on a tree limb right outside my window.  I quickly picked up an 8 x 8 board and sketched it, but surprisingly, he just sat there for quite some time.  I think he was enjoying me admiring him :)  He just hopped from tree branch to tree branch, looking every direction... allowing me to paint him.  I think he's enjoying Spring :)  Happy Easter, everyone!

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