Thursday, April 11, 2013


12 x 9, oil

Most of you know that I get plenty of support and encouragement with my art from my family, and my mother is one of the best.  She went with me to my first show in Northport, Alabama a couple of years ago and we went window shopping while we were down there.  I noticed this beautiful French vase (wine bottle) at one of the little shops but didn't purchase it... just admired it.  After the show that evening, when getting back in my car, my mother pulled the vase from the backseat.  She obviously had snuck out when I wasn't watching to go back to purchase it.  So I've had this large vase for quite some time, but couldn't figure out how to incorporate it into a painting.  (It's about 2 feet tall!!!)

I showed Mom a home decor magazine the other day with a picture of a similar vase with a tree branch.. I told her something like that might work...  and next thing I know... in walks my mother holding a dogwood tree branch.  Gotta love her :)


  1. Gina, this painting is so are so fortunate to have the loving support of your family!