Friday, May 31, 2013

Heimlich Blue Vase

"Heimlich Blue Vase"
10 x 10, oil

Okay, did that painting get your attention, or did the title??  I'm seriously not going to title this painting that...  but did want to share a story why I half-way considered doing so.  I was at my sister's house today.  I took my daughter and her friend there to swim, and I painted in my sis's sunroom overlooking the pool.  (Lovely day)  I painted one small painting to warm up, then I asked my sister if she had a pitcher that I could use for a still life painting.  She brought me this blue one.  I said, "How lovely!  Where did you get that??"  And here's her reply, (and the reason for the temporary silly title), "Oh, this was a gift from the parents of the little boy that I saved."  I sat there with my mouth gaped open.  Wide.  She went on to tell me that the boy was in a wheelchair and he was blind.  He got choked on a piece of bread and my sister saw it.  She unstrapped him out of the wheelchair and did the Heimlich Maneuver on him and dislodged the bread from his throat.  I started laughing.  She asked me, "What's so funny?"  I said, "You're amazing.  You gave a kidney to a boy you just met, you're a published Christian author, you were on a gameshow to win money for a charity, and NOW I found out you also saved a little boy's life."  Pretty cool big sis, huh?  I'm wondering what else she hasn't shared with me.