Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Southern Blue Hydrangeas

"Southern Blue Hydrangeas"
14 x 14, oil on gallery wrapped linen
Available, email me if interested

Sunday afternoon I wanted to go to a friend's house to cut some of her blue hydrangeas for a painting.  My man said he'd go with me.  He's been working some long hours lately, and I've been missing him.  So I was thrilled when he offered, because he was working on some billing and I guess he needed a little break (friend's home is just 5 minutes away).  He's my best friend and a wonderful man, and he's so encouraging to me and my art.  He comes in exhausted each day but always wants to see what I've been working on....  When I recently found out that I was invited to the Anne Irwin Emerging Artist show in August, he was the first one I called.  He sounded even more excited than me (and believe me, I was excited.)  On our way back home from my friends, we rode by some wild orange tiger lilies.  I didn't say anything, but he pulled over without me asking him to... and got out and cut me some.  He said he knew I was wanting to paint them.  I couldn't help but take his picture from the car.


  1. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers and I love to paint them too, these are gorgeous, love the composition ! Sounds like you got yourself a treasure of a man, congrats on that too :-)