Friday, September 20, 2013

Baby Thumper #2

"Baby Thumper 2"
10 x 10, oil

Why do people love rabbits?  I think I know.  They're so soft and cuddly, and take us back to our childhood... at least that's what they do to me.  I remember as a child begging my Daddy for a rabbit.   He had this cruel joke he'd play on me... he'd let me out of the car when I'd see a wild one in our pasture, and tell me, "If you catch him, you can keep him."  I never could catch him.  But my Daddy would always laugh and laugh when I'd get back in the car.  Eventually though, one summer... Dad came home with three white rabbits.  My favorite one was white with a brown stripe down its back.  I named her "Trixie."  My cousin, sister and I would sit them in a large black inner tube and play with them for hours.

A few years ago, my daughter wanted a rabbit for Christmas.  For some reason, I was very reluctant about getting one for her.  I just kept thinking about the negatives and never the positive.  The thing is... that's the ONLY thing she wanted.  So we bought her a dwarf rabbit.  I remember on Christmas morning, when she pulled the paper off the cage.  She was speechless.  She turned around to my husband and me and had huge crocodile tears in her eyes.  And then I remembered how badly I once wanted a rabbit.

We now have two rabbits.... Thumper and Lincoln.  And guess what?  My daughter wants more.  I can't say I blame her.  Thank you God, for rabbits.


  1. This is such a sweet story and a wonderful painting. I, too, love rabbits.

  2. Such a precious painting and cute story. Nothing more wonderful than a bunny, soft and cute and they never want to harm anything.