Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Choices (why I chose to change this painting)

9 x 12, oil on linen panel
$375 unframed, click here to purchase through Paypal, or email me if interested in purchasing

I thought I'd share the "choices" I made with this painting that I thought was finished but after a couple of days realized I wasn't happy with it.  Below is the first go before I started changing it.

I tried to keep the original painting light and airy... to keep that effortless look.  I kept looking at it and thinking, what's wrong with this painting?  What do I like about it?  What bothers me?  I finally realized that the pears were incredibly too small... so I changed them.  How?  Well, the painting was dry to the touch, so I took my palette knife and literally scraped that area flat.  Ouch.

Then I painted the same subject larger over the first.  Something still bothered me.  The flowers on the lower left were too bunched up with the larger pears and bowl.  So away with those as well!  (Ouch again).

I also darkened the background a few values to bring out the color of the blooms.  I'm much MUCH happier with the finished result.

the "before" painting

~ thank you for following my art!!